The New Zealand Comedy Trust is run by an experienced senior management team and board of trustees, and is made possible with the generous ongoing support from various funding partners and sponsors. To read more about our funding partners, visit Our Supporters, and read on to meet our team.

Trust Senior Management Team

The Trust has advocated for the local comedy scene and produced the NZ International Comedy Festival for over 25 years. The Trust’s senior management team is made up of our Chief Executive, Creative Producer, Operations Manager, Production Manager and Marketing & Partnerships Manager.

Our intimate and tight-knit team works closely with our industry partners, including: artists, producers, promoters, funders, sponsors, venues, technical staff and broadcasters to deliver an international, world-class comedy festival and a range of development initiatives for the industry across the year. The Trust works closely with artists to give them support to make a career within the comedy industry. This support includes from technical producing and marketing, creative feedback and mentoring and hauora.

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Board of Trustees

The Trust is governed by a Board made up of trustees which is chaired by Kylie Sealy. The Board brings a diverse range of experience and expertise across the arts, legal, event producing, broadcasting, content creation, digital media & performance!

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