Fred Award

Launched in 2006, The Fred Award is named in honour of ex-pat comedy icon John Clarke’s legendary Kiwi character Fred Dagg.

The Fred Award recognises the Best New Zealand Show in the NZ International Comedy Festival each year and is one of the highest awards in Comedy in New Zealand. It is presented at the end of each Festival during the Last Laughs awards showcase, where the winner receives a gumboot symbolic of Dagg.

Guy Montgomery – Fred Award Winner 2023
Brynley Stent – Billy T Award Winner 2021 & Eli Matthewson – Fred Award Winner 2021
James Nokise – Fred Award Winner 2019

The Fred Award is judged by a panel of experience industry judges with a range of skillsets and backgrounds, who attend every eligible show during the Festival. The day prior to Last Laughs, the judging panel announces the Fred Award nominees who will perform one final time at Last Laughs. The judges then deliberate and award the Fred Award.

Chris Parker – Fred Award Winner 2018

Many of New Zealand’s most celebrated comedians have received the Fred Award. For the full list of winners, please visit the Comedy Festival website.

Past Winners of the Fred Award:

Year Winner
2023 Guy Montgomery
2021 Eli Matthewson
2019 James Nokise
2018 Chris Parker
2017 Rose Matafeo
2016 Rhys Mathewson
2015 Dai Henwood
2014 Trygve Wakenshaw
2013 Jarred Christmas
2012 Rhys Darby
2011 Jan Maree
2010 Wilson Dixon
2009 Te Radar
2008 Ben Hurley
2007 Dai Henwood
2006 Brendhan Lovegrove